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Ms. kittywhore's Journal
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Friday, November 28th, 2003

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Tickling Demons, THANKS, What I want to be when I grew up
I have been doing stupid stuff this morning (actually the last three days. Actually long). I have been kicking some demon in a silly little way. Today, I feel strong - like good is good, and I'm okay. I feel that perfect - a bit nuts - but I have a good heart and I feel less afraid of other people's opinions. I feel like I'm no longer kicking or fighting with my demons, but tickling them till they laugh (lol)

DJ PussPuss (Sister Kitty/ Benji) spun at the Thanksgiving Party I was at (which was great). I made sure she had food and drink and was okay. I have great affection for her. Because she has taught me so much and changed my life in a great way.
Other folks, who have done the same and I will always make sure have turkey and stuffing on Thanksgiving (figuratively)

Michael Bialias
Michel Smith
Phil Walker
Mike Freedman
Phil Bottom
Bruce Freedman
Carol Leigh (Scarlot Harlot)
Hernan Cortez
Michael Dean
Julie Generic
Charlie Girl
( and other folks that I can't think of right now)
----------I love these folks (though a couple drive me nuts at times - alot of times. And a couple I have lost contact with) In the big picture - the bad and the silly becomes so faded and small - and the good sings out and make my heart laugh and teaches me things I want to know and need to know.

I want to be a professional event planner stage manager!
I want to help artist learn how to take their art to the next level and create community!
I want to write erotica and twisted tales!

OOO... I just got more neat erotica - writen by someone I know - yea! My friends are so talented- yea to them!

Current Mood: pleased

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